Oh Tulum

August 31, 2017 Style, Travel

Our second stop on our Tour de Mexico was Tulum – our happy place.  We are having our wedding celebration in Tulum next year, which meant meeting with our planner and vendors, so it was the perfect excuse to get some Tulum time in.

There’s so much to share, where do I even start with this magic-filled town?  Let me tell you how our love affair began –  In 2015, we made our first trip out there.  I remember reading somewhere that Tulum is great stop on your road to enlightenment.  It forces you to slow down and brings you back to the basics in life.  We booked a palapa right on the beach at a place called Uno Astrolodge.  None of the palapas had electricity which forced a digital detox.  We had an outdoor bathroom and shower – the feeling of showering outside is so liberating.  At Uno, the vibes were high and hippie, I felt a sense of freedom, one I’ve never felt before.  Uno was like a portal that attracted some of the most inspiring individuals I’ve met in all my life, some amazing teachers.  Our hearts and minds expanded.  From then on, we were all hooked….so hooked we returned to Tulum a month later…and each year after.

There is so much do to out there.  You are surrounded by the sea and the jungle.  The cenotes are a wonder to swim in.  The ruins are fascinating, so much about the Mayan culture to take in while you are there.  You have access to yummy fresh fruit and juices, no sugar necessary.  You can explore the rivers in the Sian Ka’an biosphere.  Cleanse yourself by attending a Temzacal ceremony.  Find a yoga retreat.  Again, so many options.



Muyil ruins


Sian Kaan 



On Noy: Shorts – Zanerobe


On Jo Anne: Hat – Lack of Colour; Bag – Worn


Gran Cenote


We haven’t traveled everywhere yet, (it’s on our list) but this is one place where we feel so connected to the earth and our selves.  Magical Tulum brings out our inner hippie, sets us free.  It is the perfect place for us to celebrate our upcoming marriage.




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